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JJ Naughton

Full-stack web developer and software engineer at PayPal

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I am a junior software engineer at PayPal, responsible for developing and maintaining the Node.js infrastructure for internal applications as well as open source projects.

In December 2014 I joined OThot, a Pittsburgh-based data-science and analytics startup, as the primary frontend engineer. I used Angular.js and related technologies to develop the user interface for their analytics engine from the ground up for investor consideration.

Over the summer of 2015, I interned with PayPal as a software engineer intern at the San Jose headquarters. As a part of the Next-Gen Commerce team, I worked directly alongside senior leadership and high-profile partners in a lean agile environment. I contributed to brainstorming and prototyping the latest payments technologies.

When I returned to my studies in the fall, I joined the Pitt Quantum Repository, an open source initiative to aid in chemistry education. Using WebGL I developed the interface allowing classrooms to view and manipulate complicated 3D molecular structures in real time.

Over the summer of 2016, I returned to PayPal as a software engineer intern, this time as a part of the Kraken team. I had put in a request to become a part of this team because I strongly support open source and inner source projects, and I sought the opportunity to develop backend technologies with Node.js. With the team, I developed a RESTful dashboard using Node.js, ReactJS, and D3.js to visualize collect and visualize company-wide traffic and security data for production applications.

In addition to this professional experience, I have been involved with the Pitt Computer Science Club as vice president. Through the club, I have presented on various web development topics, organized multiple workshops from Pittsburgh industry leaders, and helped organize the university's first hackathon, Steelhacks. I have also organized a professional speakers series with talks from industry-leading engineers, including those from Google, Yelp, and Uber, as well as many local startups.

During the Spring 2017 semester, I also organized a club project, PantherView as well as the related PittAPI, both visualizing civic and university data points in the Oakland neighborhood. These projects involved coordination from many outside stakeholders: community groups, such as BikePittsburgh and the Carnegie Libraries of Pittsburgh; as well as researchers with the West Pennsylvania Regional Data Center; news outlets, such as PublicSource and the Pitt News; and local code groups, such as Code & Supply, Code for Pittsburgh, and Students for Urban Data. The project has since been integrated into the official Pitt News website and has hundred of active visitors each week.

I joined, a research lab at the University of Chicago, as a software engineer intern for the summer of 2017. The lab sponsors the Array of Things project, and I was responsible for streamlining their Node-based sensor data pipeline, as well as developing the (Ember) visualizations for the sensor data.

Technically, I have the most experience with isomorphic JavaScript stacks: Node, especially Express, Seneca, and Hapi; frontend frameworks and libraries, such as Angular, Backbone, and React; in addition to HTML/Handlebars, CSS/SCSS (and frameworks such as Pure and Bootstrap), and jQuery. Most of my formal CS education is in Java and Python, and I have used Django and Flask in personal projects. In storage, I am most familiar with NoSQL databases, especially MongoDB and Cassandra, but I have used MySQL as well. For ops, I am generally familiar with git, Linux environments, Vagrant and virtual machines, and Docker and the related ecosystem.

In addition to my technical skills, I also have a wealth of communications, public relations writing, and social media management experience gained from my completed B.A. in English Writing, certificate in Professional and Public Writing, minor in Political Science, and related internships and volunteer work.

I am looking to work in the company of equally passionate creators, on projects that impact the world at large.

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A static website for the midwest-based pet services company.



A web visualization for open civic data points on the University of Pittsburgh campus.

Check out the Github repository!

I developed the Array of Things sensor data pipeline and visualization dashboard using Node.js and Ember.js.

Check out the Github repository!

Pitt Quantum Repository

Pitt Quantum Repository

I created the Web-GL-based molecular visualizations and user interface for the Pitt Quantum Institute's molecular data for classroom purposes.

Check out the Github repository!

React SVG Donut Chart

React SVG Donut Chart

An extendable, pure-SVG donut-chart React component npm module.

Check out the Github repository!

Infinite Viral Chrome Extension

Infinite Viral Chrome Extension

Top 10 Reasons Only 90's Kids Won't Even Believe What This Chrome Browser Extension Does! (Number #8 Made Me Question My Sexuality!)

Check out the Github repository!



The year is 3014, and llamas have taken over humanity. The new llama order has prepared a thinly veiled PR presentation for the defeated human race.

Check out the Github repository!

Llamapocalypse First Blood: Part II

Llamapocalypse First Blood: Part II

Infinite Viral Chrome extension for the inevitable llama distopia. All your headlines are belong to us.

Check out the Github repository!


Relevant Experience


Software Engineer

August 2017-present

With the Kraken.js team, I develop and maintain the Node.js infrastructure for internal applications as well as open source projects.

Software Engineer Intern

May-August 2016

With the Kraken.js team, I developed an internal dashboard using React deployed through Docker that monitored our internal Node applications.

Software Engineer Intern

May-August 2015

With the Next-Gen Commerce team, I worked closely with leadership in a lean, fast-paced environment to integrate with high-profile partners and prototype next-gen products, using technologies such as Node.js, AngularJS, and Backbone.js

Software Developer Intern

May-August 2017

With the University of Chicago research lab, I developed the Array of Things sensor data pipeline and visualization dashboard using Node.js and Ember.js.

Pitt Quantum Repository

Software Developer Intern

January-May 2016

With the University of Pittsburgh Quantum Institute, I developed the web frontend for the online molecular structure database, utilizing jQuery, Three.js, and WebGL.


Web Developer Intern

December 2014-January 2016

With the budding big-data startup, I prototyped the frontend data-visualization MVP and developed the foundation for the long-term product, using such technologies as: Node.js, AngularJS, D3, and jQuery.


University of Pittsburgh

Bachelors of Science in Computer Science

April 2017

Major GPA: 3.44; graduated with departmental Honors

Bachelors of Arts in English Writing

April 2015

Major GPA: 3.66; graduated with departmental Honors

Certificate of Public Writing

April 2015

Dean's List

Fall 2013, Spring 2014, Spring 2017

Study Abroad: Florence Italy

January-April 2014

Language, Frameworks, and Tools


JavaScript, jQuery, AngularJS, Ember.js, Backbone.js, Mithril.js, D3, Jade, Handlebars, Sass/SCSS, Stylus


Node.js, Express.js, Kraken.js, Seneca.js, Meteor.js, Flask, Java


MySQL, MongoDB


Java, Android SDK


Git, NPM, Bower, Gulp.js, Browserify, Webpack, Docker, Vagrant

Clubs and organizations

The Pitt Computer Science Club

Vice President

August 2014-2017

Organized workshops from industry leaders, and presented a series of talks and workshops on JavaScript and web development. Also helped organize the university’s first hackathon, SteelHacks.

Pittsburgh JavaScript


August 2014-2017

Attended bi-weekly meet-ups for local web developers with presentations by notable contributors to open source JS projects.

The Women in Computer Science Club


August 2014-2017

Attended meetings and workshops dedicated to addressing gender disparity in the tech community.



2016, 2017



LinkedIn's HackDay



2015, 2016




2014, 2016

Other Experience

Greenspring Media

Digital Content Management Intern

April-August 2014

Digital media writing and editorializing.

CAPA/San Gaspare Elementary School


January-April 2014

Volunteered as an English Teaching Assistant at the elementary school, while studying in Florence, Italy.

Collegiate YMCA

Americorps Community Fellow

August 2011-2013

Autonomously taught after-school courses focused on STEM curriculums at the Homewood YMCA.

Emerging Leaders

Student Leader

October-November 2012

Two-month leadership program with University of Pittsburgh with classes focused on leadership and diversity. Graduated with an emblem of service.

Outward Bound


August 2011

Two-week hiking program in the Pasayten Wilderness with the renowned leadership and team-building name.